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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do we start? How do we begin the remodeling process?


A: All remodels begin with a preliminary consultation. We come to your home to review your wish list, budget, time frame and job site.  We will try to determine what is structurally possible, determine any potential code issues or layout problems, take room measurements and plan details.  This first meeting is our opportunity to meet you and for you to ask questions of us.  With this information, we can both determine our working relationship potential.                                                                                                                                                           


Q: Is it best to have a rough budget in mind before starting to gather estimates for a remodeling project?


A: Yes.  To get the most out of estimating a project, the contractor needs to know what you can afford.  With the wide range of materials available, and costs, budgets help contractors bid equally, and owners to compare prices.


Q: What is included in a "free estimate"?


A: After the initial information exchange and project site visit, a cost estimate for labor and possible materials is created.  This estimate is occasionally filled with "allowances" for certain items because there may be too many unknowns at the time.  Contractor drawn designs, layout plans or material lists may be available for the customer to see and offer changes, but remain the contractor’s property.


Q: What are "allowances"?


A: "Allowances" are used as a budget placeholder for certain undetermined items in a contract.  Basically, to estimate the approximate cost of a project, we allow for these needed expenditures.  If these allowances are in-line with your taste and budget, there will be minimal effect on project cost. These amounts are based on past cost experiences, customer selections and your information from our meetings.


Q: How long does it typically take to remodel a Kitchen or Bathroom?  What about a basement?


A: Bathrooms and kitchens usually take 5 - 8 weeks from demolition to finish, depending upon customer material selections.  Basements vary by size, design and extras (kitchenettes, bathroom additions, home offices, theaters, etc.).  Basic designs; 3 -5 weeks, but special designs with extras; 5 - 10 weeks are possible.


Q: Is adding a bathroom to a basement an expensive project?


A: If there is currently rough plumbing in place it can be a simple matter of closing off the area and adding fixtures.  When starting from scratch, there is more work and costs involved. Actual costs can be discussed after seeing the area.


Q: What makes a kitchen remodel more or less expensive?


A: Cabinets can account for about 35% - 50% of the total cost of the project and will have the greatest impact on your budget. They range in price considerably based on quality, material, whether they are stock (ready made in specific sizes) or custom (produced specifically for your project).

The material chosen for countertops, backsplashes and floors can also account for price variations.

In remodeling, you tend to get what you pay for regarding talent and workmanship. Designing ideas, skilled sub-tradesman and expert installation crews may cost more, but you will appreciate their abilities every time you use your kitchen.


Q: Do you provide warranties for your work?


A: Yes.  All labor and workmanship is warranted for 1 year from project completion on all contractor supplied/installed items.  Reused items at customer request carry no warranty.  Manufacturer product warranties vary and are the customer’s responsibility, however we will be involved as needed. 

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